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Modular Cold Room

Modular Cold Rooms

Customized Modular Cold Rooms for all the Commercial Kitchen Space

We are the official brand Partner of Blue Star Cold Rooms

A cold storage is a critical piece of infrastructure for any industry. The quality of stored produce and raw material depend upon the reliable and precise functioning of the cold storage. Blue Star's experience in creating cold storages that offer different storage conditions in terms of temperature, humidity, fresh air, air flow, etc., to suit different industry recuirements has made them the leaders in this domain too. The company's engineers plan and design cold rooms based on advanced heat load calculations using internationally acclaimed softwares thus building your desired cold room with precision

An Eco-Friendly DNA

Blue Star's new range of pre-fabricated insulation panels are eco-friendly from the ground-up since even the manufacturing process is green.

Eco Friendly

Precision Locking Mechanism

Each Blue Star pre-fab insulation panel has cam-action locking devices precisely positioned and firmly anchored within it. All cam-locks have integral rear flanges to permanently anchor their position during the manufacture of the PUF panels. Cam-locks are also placed at exact matching locations on the tongue and groove side to ensure perfect locking.

All cam-locks are accessible from the inside by means of a hex wrench furnished with the panels. Access ports for cam-locks are covered with snap-in cap plugs that must be snapped out before accessing the cam-locks thus making them tamper-proof.

Precision Locking Mechanism

Microprocessor Controller and Power Panel

Blue Slat's refrigeration units come with intelligent microprocessor-powered controllers which are BMS compatible and HACCP provisioned (available in select models).

Ready-to-use power panels which make electrical connections simple, safe, fast and long-lasting are available with every refrigeration unit, Other features of power panels are:

  • Powder-coated weather proof housing
  • Protection against common electrical failures
  • Interlock of safety features

Perfect Installations

Without carefully executed installations, the efficiency and reliability of a cold room can be compromised. Hence Blue Star's engineers are equipped with latest technology and knowledge thus carrying out precise installations. Example checks considered by them are:

  • The location of the evaporator within the cold room for uniform cooling and air distribution
  • Level Flooring (0-0 level) to avoid misalignment of walls
  • Proper selection of copper parts and pipe sizes
  • Minimising bends and unduly long runs

After Sales Support

Blue Star is well known for its excellent service support in the entire industry With a team of specially trained technicians placed at 25 destinations across India, you can expect absolutely smooth service support. Cold Room dealers based in different locations will help you with perfect installations and Blue Star will ensure after sales support and availability of genuine parts at all times to avoid down time of your project.

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