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Pest Controllers Insect Killer

Pest Controllers Insect Killer

Are you looking for the best ways to get rid of flies in your commercial places or shops? This Floor standing or hanging flies killer is what you need! Well equipped with the dual grid layer technology with safety-enabled features, this is one of the Best Pest Controllers that help you catch the insects with the help of high-power electrified internal grid. The glue pads on the easily removable front tray help to replace them whenever required. The Pest Controller is equipped with metal body powder coated finish that lasts long and is highly resistant to corrosion.

The Insects falling on this will stick onto the glue pads and can be replaced once filled. The stylish look and the curved design and wall mounting options of the insect killer makes it a preferred choice for most of the shops and even for some commercial purposes. The best part is that the spare parts and the body parts are available easily so that you can replace it whenever required.

The Insect Killer Machine is made to be a better option for you to maintain your commercial space hygienic from the flies to give your customers a long lasting experience. The UV lamps inside the grid help you to attract the insects which then stick on the glue pad. Each lamp will be supported by a separate ballast for a greater performance. Enjoy an insect-free experience with this super flying pest controller.

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  • Featured with a hanging chain
  • Easy fly catcher and safety grids
  • Premium UV bulb for easy display
  • Compact design for commercial needs
  • Large extractable bottom collection tray

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