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Pneumatic Semi-Cooked Chappathi Machine

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Pneumatic Semi-Cooked Chappathi Machine

Pneumatic Semi-Cooked Chappathi Machine

Pneumatic Semi Cooked Chappathi Machine is manufactured using durable materials. The semi-automatic chappathi food preparation equipment delivers consistent and higher performance in the long run. Semi Cooked Chappathi Machine is highly used by food packing industrial firms. The Commercial Pneumatic Chappathi making equipment is suitable for operating continuously. The semi cooked food products delivered are at the right texture and cooking requirement. The half cooked chappathi fulfils the instant requirement of consumers.

The Commercial Kitchen Equipment is designed to produce maximum throughput within a short period of time. SAKE ensures quality machines are delivered to the customers. Various quality checks are carried out to produce defect-free products. The machine performs both the chappathi preparation activities such as Pressing and Semi cooking. Heating elements are featured in the machine to bake the chappathi half cooked which helps in maintaining the freshness of the packaged food product.

The Pneumatic Chappathi Making Machine incurs low operating costs and it reduces the overall operational time. Semi cooked chappathi machine requires less manual intervention. Commercial food machinery from SAKE is suitable for operating in different working conditions. Uniform texture, cooking and the weight of the chappathi units are maintained throughout the operation. SAKE specializes in designing and manufacturing Customized Commercial Pneumatic Semi Cooked Chappathi Machine on customer requests.

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Sizes are customizable as per requirement


  • Automatic semi cooked chapati machine
  • Polished surface for easy usage
  • Stainless steel body
  • Makes upto 950 chapatis per hr
  • Vertical design makes it space saving
  • Easy to use, clean and maintain

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