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SAKE manufactures The Best Tilting Wet Grinder in the market at the best economical price. The Grinding Machine is designed and manufactured to provide The Best Tilting feature that greatly helps the user to pour the processed food into a vessel. The Commercial Wet Tilting Grinder is made of high quality core materials. The kitchen equipment is highly durable and delivers the best performance in the long run. SAKE ensures quality products are delivered to the customer.

Various quality checks are done to make sure the product is defect-free. The Commercial Tilting Grinding Machine is manufactured with Stainless Sheet materials as they possess high resistance to corrosion and it is easy to clean if any food spills out during the preparation process. The Tilting Grinder Machine is equipped with a double stone for faster-grinding operation and perfect blending of the food mix.The special feature of the SAKE product is as it is featured with Tilting Lock.

As the volume of grinding the food mix is huge, the lock provides safe handling of equipment and it eases the risks involved in holding the Tilting Grinder manually throughout the product transfer. Heavy duty gear driven motor is attached to the Tilting Wet Grinder to control the speed of the grinding operation depending on the customer requirement. SAKE specialized in designing and manufacturing of the Customized Tilting Grinder on customer requests.

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Sizes are customizable as per requirement


  • Stone type blade
  • Stainless steel body
  • Double roller stones
  • Output capacity is maximum of 5kg
  • Continuous hassle-free operation for longer duration
  • High efficiency and vertical design makes it space compatible and easy maintenance
Tilting Grinder - Operational Facts
Capacity 5 Liters to 40+ Liters

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