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Multipurpose Boiler

Multipurpose Boiler

The Multipurpose Boiler is one of the most needed kitchen equipment widely used in various cooking operations. The Commercial Steam Boiler from SAKE is suitable for operating at higher temperatures. Firewood and LPG are the most common source for heating the steam generator to the desired temperature. The Kitchen Steam equipment consists of an inner and outer shell. The outer shell of the steam equipment is manufactured with a Mild Steel Plate.

The inner shell and kid ring of the Steam Boiler Equipment is made of food grade stainless steel sheet. The SS material has a higher coefficient of heat thus enabling you to make the cooking process faster. The Multipurpose Kitchen Boiler Equipment is featured with accessories like Safety Valve, Pressure Gauge and Gauge Glass. These fittings are specially designed to comfort the user in knowing the real-time operations and other parameters involved in the Boiler system.

Water is the primary source of Steam Boiler operation. The drainage valve is fitted to drain the boiler water with the help of inlets and outlets for a safe operation. The kitchen steam equipment is provided with the bypass valve to outflow the excess steam in the equipment if any emergency situation arises. The kitchen Steam Boiler is available at the best economical price.

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  • Outer shell is double layered with MS whereas the Inner shell is single layered with SS
  • Broad temperature range available
  • Efficient equipment for steaming Multipurpose
  • Here for you at a best price
  • Long lasting


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