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Single Jacketed Vessel

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Single Jacketed Vessel

Single Jacketed Vessel

SAKE is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality Single Jacketed Vessels. The Rice Vessel is manufactured using stainless steel food grade. This kitchen reactor vessel is made of food grade materials thus enabling safer cooking operations. The bottom of the rice jacketed vessel decides the working temperature and efficiency of the process. SAKE uses perforated and welded sheets to fabricate the bottom side of the vessel.

These sheets have a high thermal coefficient and thus it enables faster kitchen operations. The kitchen rice vessel is equipped with Gate Valve which delivers great performance in draining the water from the vessel. As this valve in the single jacketed vessel plays an important role, a high durable valve is highly preferred for long run use.

The rice / multipurpose Single jacketed vessels are featured with Tilting Handle to enhance the easy operation of food transfer from the jacketed to other kitchen vessels. SAKE designs the handle of a rice reactor vessel in such a way that it ensures a firm grip and long lasting throughout the cooking process. Rice and Vegetables have direct contact with the steam.

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Sizes are customizable as per requirement


  • Body is crafted with stainless steel
  • Enhanced with Outlet drains for excess water removal
  • Rigid structure to support the vessel
  • Hassle-free unloading with tilting
  • Available in different sizes (capacities of 15kg, 20 kg, etc)
  • Utilized by Commercial Kitchen Space
Operational Facts
Size 10 Kg to 50+ Kg
Application Rice & Multipurpose Cooking


of Sri Sakthi Steam Cooking Unit

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